Smart Oil & Gas Radio Show: 07/27/19

Segment 01

News (1) Russia Calls The Shots In A Fractured OPEC; (2) New Oil and Gas Discovery in Norwegian Sea

Segment 02

The 4 Steps to Owning an Oil Well – Step 1: Assessing yourself to know whether oil and gas investments are a good fit for you; looking beyond the financial aspects of investing – balancing the emotional risks and rewards

Segment 03

How horizontal drilling can increase both the amount and the speed of revenue generated from production vs. vertical wells

Segment 04

History – Conrad Hilton: A hotel empire sparked by the Texas oil boom.

Segment 05

Mailbag – (1) I have an inheritance coming my way that should qualify me as an Accredited Investor; what are your thoughts on investing in oil and gas? (2) What is the best way to learn about oil and gas? (3) What is the average term of an oil and gas investment?