Smart Oil & Gas Radio Show: 07/20/19

Segment 01

News – (1) Tight Oil Markets Could Be About To See A ‘Violent’ Price Spike; (2) Tainted Russian Oil Crisis May Drag On For Months

Segment 02

The statistics of oil and gas: Converting wells into wealth

Segment 03

How oil and gas investments can factor into your IRA portfolio

Segment 04

History:  NASA’s Saturn V Rocket – How kerosene was responsible for sending man to the moon

Segment 05

Mailbag – (1) I make over $200,00 a year, but my net worth is less than $1 million; am I an Accredited Investor? (2) How much would it take to get into 3 different projects to spread risk? (3) How does the depletion allowance work? Is there a limit?