Smart Oil & Gas Radio Show: 07/13/19

Segment 01

News – (1) US Leads the World In Oil Reserves; (2) Canada Risks Becoming Banana Republic Over Energy; (3) Tesla, Facing Setbacks and Skeptics, Tries to Get Back on Course

Segment 02

The Dry Hole:  An inevitability of the oil industry, but not a reason to stop drilling for success

Segment 03

Looking for smart investment opportunities in Texas, Louisiana and the Gulf Coast.

Segment 04

History – Al Meadows, philanthropist and oil financier, believed that his life was greatly enriched by giving. His legacy of philanthropy continues with The Meadows Foundation, which has disbursed over $1.1 billion in grants and direct charitable expenditures to more than 3,500 Texas institutions and agencies.

Segment 05

Mailbag – (1) Is Jerry Jones involved in any oil and gas projects in Texas or Louisiana? (2) Can I put an oil and gas investment in a trust for my children or grandchildren? (3) When I invest in a project and drill multiple wells, are the tax incentives available on all the drilling regardless of how many I drill?