Smart Oil & Gas Radio Show: 07/06/19

Segment 01

News — The long-term projections on oil and gas – the world needs more oil production to support population and industrial growth

Segment 02

The Oil & Gas Investor:  Making money on production while saving money on taxes

Segment 03

Smart oil and gas investments — find opportunities to spread risk while achieving greater returns

Segment 04

History — Howard Hughes, Sr. & Howard Hughes, Jr.:  How the inventor of the bi-cone rotary drilling bit brought success to him and his son in the oilfield tool business.

Segment 05

Mailbag — (1) What is the deadline for getting the oil and gas tax deduction for this year?  (2) What percent of wells in East Texas and South Texas can be re-drilled with success?  Why hasn’t this been done previously?  (3) Do the Hunt or Meadows family still hold investments in oil and gas?