Smart Oil & Gas Radio Show: 06/22/19

Segment 01

News — (1) Tight Oil Markets Could Be About To See A ‘Violent’ Price Spike; (2) Tainted Russian Oil Crisis May Drag On For Months

Segment 02

The Oil & Gas Investor:  Seeing if oil and gas is right for you, and if you are right for oil and gas.

Segment 03

The heart of the Permian Basin is booming, but the edges are less active; high Permian Basin lease costs have created a ‘buyer beware’ situation.

Segment 04

History — Operation Pluto and the secret pipelines of World War II

Segment 05

Mailbag — (1) As an accredited investor, what percentage of assets should I put into oil and gas investments?  What other asset classes do you personally like?  (2) If you could pick only one area in Texas to invest, where would it be?